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Reality Check – Body (1)

Heavenly Bodies

Sean here! I am back after our exploration of fantasy and fantasies, ready to face reality.

Our reality is that we live in a body. This is a truth. Although many of us through meditation, hypnosis, video games, perhaps, or even through orgasm may have out of body experiences. The fact is: most of us spend most of our time in our physical form, our corporal reality, our bodies.

That is the way it is.

Do we like our bodies? Do we treat our bodies well?

These are choices we can make every day.

Having a body is not a choice.

Material Girl

Our bodies are how we function in the material plane, what we call life. In this vein, I thought it would be a good idea to explore some of the realities of having a body.

To start, our bodies are our connection to the material plane and our physical tool for attracting and responding to others in the third dimension, space.

Through our physical form most of us experience the world with 5 senses:

  • smell,
  • sight,
  • sound,
  • taste,
  • touch.

Smell, sight and sound are the first impressions we express to and experience about others who are close to us. Thus, our appearance, voice, breath and scent are the first signals which we give and receive.

We do have the ability to actively influence and support our first impressions and signals. We do this through grooming, speaking practice, exercise, and products. The products we may use range from deodorant to mascara and hairspray to nail varnish, all in an effort to be more attractive to ourselves and others. Taking care of our bodies and ourselves.   

Our also bodies respond to our environment, our physical wellbeing and time, our age. Let’s explore these in a bit more detail.  

Photo by Claudio Duarte on Scopio

Environmentally Speaking

Environmentally speaking there is a great quote:  

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

Alfred Wainwright

This refers to our comfort in our environment. Our bodies react differently to cold, wetness, heat and dryness. These responses range from shivering and sweating to stiffening up or falling asleep and everything in between.

When we are comfortable, we move better, react more appropriately and effectively and feel better. Comfortability has to do with more than the physical environment however. We also describe the “temperature” in a room when discussing the mood or level of connection. Our bodies also respond to these emotional and intellectual “weather” conditions.

It is important to make the situation as comfortable as possible when interacting with others, especially our partners or potential partners. This can be done with conversation, a gesture or even adjusting the physical temperature in the room.

Photo by Qasim ZBH on Scopio


Another aspect of our bodies and our comfort is our physical well-being. How we feel in our bodies. Our physical well-being is influenced by our hygiene, our activities and our nutrition.

Hygiene is a combination of cleanliness and health. This includes washing our hair and bodies, brushing our teeth, washing our hands, combing our hair and generally presenting ourselves as being healthy and attractive to ourselves and others.

Our choice of food and drink can also affect our ability to attract and or be attracted to others. Garlic, alcohol and onions are among the more potent and long-lasting examples of odor and taste altering food and drink which can be noticed by ourselves or others afterwards. Alternatively, water and fresh fruit tend to provide a pleasant and neutral effect.

Activities like walking, stretching, exercise, and/or yoga can support our comfort and awareness in our bodies. This can be helpful when we try to bend or move in a specific way to be close to our partners.  

And so, this was a short and hopefully sweet examination of our being in three dimensions. The fourth is to come.

Time after Time

In addition, speaking of the fourth dimension: time. It is important to recognize the effect of time or age on our bodies and our relationships.

But that is all the time we have today, so next time we’ll look at age and how age affects us. This is Sean signing off for now. Take care. I would love to hear about your bodily experience and any thoughts you might have. Till next time. More about me.

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