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Healthy Happy Intimate HHIA Relationships 1

Blog- Lesson 1: Definitions and Parameters

Getting Started

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My name is Sean and this is my one-year (once a week) „BLOG-Lesson“, instructions on how to find, build, maintain, repair, and/or improve your relationship with yourself and others including but not limited to: a lover, lovers, a partner, partners or a spouse.

Who am I?  

What is a healthy, happy, intimate, adult (HHIA) relationship? This is a very good question. The answer for each of us is an individual one. For the purpose of this series of Blog-Lessons I have created a universal definition. A HHIA relationship is a relationship between 2 or more adults which includes intimate connections and behavior and promotes being happy and healthy.

Parameters and definitions can be helpful as a starting point and building blocks. An example is Love. Love is both a noun and a verb used to describe “(1) strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties…”, “(2) …affection and tenderness felt by lovers…”  and “…2 a:  to feel a lover’s passion, devotion, or tenderness for…”.


Healthy is an adjective meaning “…beneficial to one’s physical, mental or emotional state: conducive to or associated with good health or reduced risk of disease…“ among other things.

The complete definitions can be found at

A list of definitions can be found at definitions page. Which will be added to with each Blog-Lesson.

Parameters are another essential part of our building healthy and happy relationships. These include boundaries, communication and consent.  

Establishing who can be included in healthy intimate adult relationships, is a step in the right direction towards feelings of affection which are beneficial to our good health. The healthy answer is simple. Adult Human Beings of sound mind and body can enter into adult intimate relationships.

Age of Consent

An adult is defined by Age of Consent Laws. In Europe the Age of Consent is between 14 and 18. This varies from country to country and can vary according to gender and relationship: More details can be found at

Excluded from healthy adult intimate relationships are animals, children and non-living bodies (corpses). These three cannot consent to adult intimate behavior and are therefore exempt from healthy adult intimate relations.

Sound Mind & Body

Another aspect is a sound mind and body. For this Blog-Lesson series, a sound mind and body means awake, alert, aware, able to understand and communicate with the adult environment in which we live. Legally this is a determination by individual laws with regard to a variety of activities.

Within the parameters of who is eligible for a healthy, happy, intimate adult (HHIA) relationship; we all are as long as we are above the age of consent, awake, aware ( of sound mind & body“) and breathing. ?

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts, please contact me!

That is all for now. I will be back next time for our next Blog-Lesson in attraction and attention.

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