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Healthy (Happy) Intimate Relationships 3

Sean here again! After our last Blog-Lesson on who and how. This is our third Blog-Lesson. This time we are going to explore the intensity of our interests and attractions. Lets start with a couple of words which all come from the same beginning.

Potential, Potency, Potent

Potent, potency and potential all come from the same root, poti* ( an Indo-European root meaning powerful.  Power is something we will discuss later at length.  For now, let’s let the „power” in potency, potent and potential refer to an individual power which comes from within. 

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the idea of power and life force are named qi or chi, pronouned / ˈchē / , which is associated with life, energy, breath, nutrition, and bodily fluids. The maintenance of individual health and energy comes through both original qi (from birth) and the creation of qi through nutrition and a balanced physical reality.  

Balancing Other Impulses

When thinking about an encounter, a relationship, an affair, etc., we are all aware that such interactions require a certain amount of energy. How much energy we have to assign to the adventure of meeting and greeting, courting and creating a relationship is directly related to our mental and physical health, as well as, the stability and balance of our lives.

This is all to say that each of us is unique and therefore has a personal and individual interest and energy level to devote to finding a partner for an encounter, friendship, romance or relationship.

As a result, our specific needs and individual energy levels must be acknowledged and considered with regard to both ourselves and our potential partners.

Being Balanced, Creating Potential

If you are feeling under the weather, unfit – physically or mentally, out of balance, your energy and focus on finding and developing an HHIA relationship can be a challenge.  Other factors which can affect our ability to establish ourselves as available and/or interested can be physical, psychological, or social. For instance hygiene, nutrition, sleep exercise, stress and economic situations:

  • Hygiene is important so that we can look and feel our best – fresh and healthy. A lack of hygiene, showering, brushing our teeth, cleaning our skin and hair can encourage socially undesirable results. These include, odor, acne, fungus, sores and sensitive gums and teeth among other things.
  • Nutrition is important for maintaining our energy levels, our bodily-fitness and general wellbeing.
  • Sleep is when, and how, we process and recover from the stress and experiences of the day. A good night’s sleep helps us to feel rejuvenated and alert.  Being alert helps us to focus on what we desire.
  • Exercise helps us to overcome physical, emotional and psychic stress. This includes keeping our physical system in shape and allowing energy for activity which encourages amorous interest.
  • Stress is a factor which is often uncontrollable. We can however manage it through sleep, nutrition, and exercise. What is important is not to push ourselves too hard in one direction or another. A little trust and patience can go a long way to reduce and manage stress.
  • Economics is an aspect of modern life and should be acknowledged. Economics can be negotiated and positively affect our interactions.

A Balancing Act

It can be helpful to regularly take a minute to contemplate the above and check out our relationship to those things, relationships and people in our lives that support our balance. And in reflection, those things, relationships and people which pull us off balance. They tend to be universal and unique at the same time. We are all continuously balancing the internal and external aspects of our lives and relationships. It is human nature. Maintaining a blancing act is essential to the art of existence.

That is all for now. If you have any questions, comments, or want more information you can contact me. I will be back next time for our next Blog-lesson on female and male stuff“. More about me

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