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This is Sean back for more exploration about Happy Healthy Intimate Adult HHIA Relationships . And my first impulse is:

Let’s Get Physical

Moving Away from social constructs (Lesson 4), let’s talk a bit about the physicality of our bodies and the bodies of those we are attracted to:


Size, for example, is a fact not a value or preference in the Kamasutra. People are described as coming in essentially three sizes. These sizes in the Kamasutra refer primarily to our genitals. From largest to smallest, the sizes for women are poetically named; the Elephant, the Mare and the Gazelle. Men are referred to as Stallions, Bulls and Rabbits respectively.  Diversity is something to be celebrated!

Hopefully, we are attracted to and interested in more than our partners genitals for our HHIA Relatiohsips.  Our potential partners are complete and whole individuals in their own right.  


So, let’s explore some other physical attributes from top to bottom, head to toe!

Take a moment and ask yourself: Physically, who am I? What do I physically like about myself? How am I physically attracted to others?

What am I attracted to? Who am I attracting?
  • Head & Hair – Do you like hair long or short, thick or thin, curly or straight, Blond, Red, Brown, Black or Grey… Shaved perhaps?
  • Neck & Shoulders – Do you like a long neck, an Adam’s Apple, or broad shoulders?
  • Chest & Breasts – Are you attracted to large or small nipples, pecs or breasts?
  • Waist & Belly – Are you attracted to a two pack,four pack, six-pack, love handles, or maybe a big belly, „something to hold on to?
  • Arms & Hands – Do your eyes twinkle when you see biceps, tendons or nail polish?
  • Hips & Bum – Do you like a big butt or a itty bitty bum or maybe a hard ass?
  • Legs & Feet – Are you a friend of long slender or short stock legs? What about feet? Do you like to see a bit of toe nail varnish?
  • Skin & Body Hair – Do you prefer pale, alabaster or tanned skin? Do you like freckles? Are you a fan of tattoos? What’s your take on body hair; do you go „au naturel“ or are you into shaving, waxing, and sugaring?

What do you think?

There you are – All of the above have to do with our perceptions of ourselves and others. They have everything to do with our bodies and nothing to do with the genitals of our partner or ourselves.  We are all attracted to different human bodies and a great variety of aspects of those bodies.

In addition to a body we have all got personality, intellect, humor, style,  charm, etc. We will be exploring lots of these things plus others in the Blog-lessons to come as we explore our HHIA Relationships.

That is all for now. If you have any comments, questions or want more information you can contact me I will be back for our next Blog-lesson considering consent. More about me

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