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Healthy Happy Intimate HHIA Relationships 24

Do you, do you?

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Sean here again. We have been doing this for just about 6 months we are 2 Blog-Lessons away from the halfway point in this Blog-Lesson One Year Series! Happy Healthy Intimate Adult Relationships! So let’s get back on the horse and take a look at ourselves, an honest look at our authentic selves.

How do you do?

Now, it is time to introduce ourselves to ourselves, to be true to ourselves and allow our true selves to be present. In other words: Do you, do you? How do you do you? When do you do you? Who are you? In this vein, it is important to consider our thoughts and feelings about ourselves. It is important to think about how we appreciate ourselves and how critical we can be. Most often we are our greatest critics and judges. It is important for us to learn to be our greatest supporter and fan. It is thought selflove and appreciation that we learn to be good lovers, friends and partners in healthy and happy relationships.

Truth and Consequences

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Consequently, we can learn to recognise when we get stuck in a loop or a negative thought processes. These come from words or experiences in our past and they can become a significant although unauthentic part of how we act and who believe we are. These are often stories we tell ourselves and others about us without realizing they are not the stories or truths we are and want to be.

Naming Names

  • First thoughts when you hear “Who are you?”. Do you think about your name, your job title or your relationship status?
  • Secondly when you think about your name – What does it mean to you? Do you prefer your first name, middle name (if you have one) you family name or a nickname perhaps?
  • Finally, what is your favorite name? Is it your own?

Names are an integral part of our identities and a very important part of who we are. BTW – Naming ourselves is a very powerful aspect of our existence which is often overlooked.  

Rose is a rose….

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Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
Loveliness extreme.
Extra gaiters,
Loveliness extreme.
Sweetest ice-cream.
Pages ages page ages page ages.

Gertrude Stein’s poem Sacred Emily

Whatever our “official/legal” names are we tend to find ways to create our own truth and meaning though our names and the names we call ourselves, the names others call us and the names we give others either as groups or individuals. We and the world, as a society, cultures, groups, couples and individuals differentiate between ourselves and others with names.   

Thus, we call ourselves and others the things we want them to be and we call ourselves the things we want to be or the things we have been taught to be. 

Are you authentic to yourself?

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Do you like yourself? This is a place to start. It is important to identify the things about ourselves that we like. One the one hand we can name five things we like about ourselves and on the other hand we can name five things that others have said the like about us.

I Like: _______________ Others Like:____________

  1. ____________________ 1._____________________
  2. ____________________ 2._____________________
  3. ____________________ 3._____________________
  4. ____________________ 4._____________________
  5. ____________________ 5. _____________________

Take a look – Do they match or are they complementary or are the completely separate and different from one another?

Think about your names! Reflect on the things you like about yourself. Are there more. Contemplate what others like about you. Are they really you- Are these things you like about yourself? Consider you, yourself and your thoughts and feelings! Relase yourself and allow the authenticity to enter.

This is Sean signing off with this thought.

The World belongs to those who let go.

Lao Tzu –

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